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Project Description
Programme de gestion MLRobotic

2011 Sissa Project

SISSA Robot is the 2011 MLRobotic project built to take part in the Eurobot Competition ( This competition begins with a national playoff which is the “French Robotic Cup” as far as we are concerned.

SISSA robot will have to face opponents during 90 seconds matches. Those matches have to respect several rules specifically written in purpose of Eurobot 2011. In 2011, robot must move pawns (200mm wide) from case to case in order to get more pieces on its color than his opponent.

The FEZ Domino is the main board inside SISSA. It receives data from all variety of sensors, decides of the strategy then send order to motors trough others boards. If you want more specific information about SISSA mechanical and electronics part do not hesitate to visit the blog of our team at

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